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Country of origin



TSKIB SOO (Central Design
Bureau for Sporting
& Hunting Firearms)

Production began


Production ended

still manufactured

Weapon type

Grenade Launcher


40 mm



Overall length

780 mm/570 mm
extended/collapsed stock


5.7 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

6 rounds, revolving

Cyclic rate

15-18 rpm

Maximum effective range

400 m

RG-6 was developed put in production in mid-1990s as a weapon to fill the gap between underbarrel grenade launchers and automatic crew-served grenade launchers.

Inspired by Milkor MGL, RG-6 has six grenades in revolving drum. However, RG-6 has a number of unique features, brought by the specific ammunition used.

Continuing the line of GP-25 and GP-30, RG-6 uses VOG-25 and VOG-25P caseless grenades. Those grenades have no shell per ce, and leave nothing in barrel after being fired. Thus, procedure of reloading is greatly simplified and sped up by removing the need to extract spent cases.

To accommodate those rounds, RG-6 is reloaded from the front. Front drum-cover panel is swung up, opening up the chambers for manual reloading. Spring revolving the chambers must be wound up manually as well. "Barrel" in front of drum is a smoothbore tube, serving only as a support for the front handle and sights. Real barrels are drum chambers - each being factually a barrel of GP-30 with grooving. Double-action trigger is borrowed from the same GP-30.

RG-6 has quite simple controls, otherwise - ladder-type rear sight, frame-type front sight, which can be folded for transportation. Buttstock is telescopic.

RG-6 is in limited use in both army and MVD (internal affairs service) of Russia. Latter often use RG-6 with non-lethal tear-gas ammunition Gvozd (Nail). Training and illumination ammunitions are also available.

RG-6 had seen some use during Chechen conflicts, and is reported to be very efficient upon correct application. Trial and error had determined RG-6 to be very valuable in ambush situations, where direct fire is usually complicated.

Rg6 fold

RG-6 folded for transportation.

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