Röhm Gesellschaft
Country of Origin



Sontheim/Brenz, Germany


Heinrich Röhm

Year of Founding


Owner(s)/Parent Company
Weapon Types

Inexpensive firearms

Famous Firearms

Röhm RG-14

Area(s) served


Röhm Gesellschaft, often referred to as Röhm or RG, is a German manufacturer of inexpensive firearms. It is listed as a "Ring of Fire company" by the BATF.


Röhm GmbH, a German manufacturer famous for making chucking tools, decided to diversify its product lineup in the early 1950s, by producing gas pistols, pistols and revolvers under the RG name. A factory was set up in the 1970s in Miami, Florida under the name of RG Industries, likely because of the limitations of small pistol importation into the US imposed by the 1968 Gun Control Act. The Miami factory produced small derringers, revolvers and automatic pistols using small calibers like .38 Special and .25 ACP until the factory was shut in 1986. Röhm decided to sell all manufacture of firearms to Umarex in 2010.


Röhm is known for making inexpensive firearms that are usually considered Saturday night specials.


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