Country of origin






Year(s) designed


Production began

1997 (observed)

Weapon type

Light machine gun


Short-stroke gas operation, rotating bolt

Overall length

33.1 inches (84 centimetres)

Barrel length

23.6 inches (60 centimetres)

Weight empty

8.7 pounds (3.9 kilograms)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30-round detachable box magazine
75- or 80-round detachable drum magazine

Cyclic rate

600 RPM

Effective range

600–800 metres (2,000–2,600 feet; 660–870 yards)

Muzzle velocity

970 metres per second (3,200 feet per second)

The QBB-95 (輕武器, 步槍, 班用, 1995, Qīngwuqi, Bùqiāng—Bānyòng, 1995, Light squad-based rifle of 1995) also known as the Type 95, is a Chinese light machine gun.


The QBB-95 is the standard issue to People's Liberation Army units. It was first observed to be used in 1997.

Design DetailsEdit

Heavily based on the QBZ-95, the QBB-95 is essentially a light support variation of the QBZ-95. In fact, most parts of the QBZ-95 are completely interchangeable with that of the QBB-95's. The QBB-95 also has a heavier reinforced barrel to lower the risk of potential overheating, and its 75-round drum magazine allows for sustained fire. Standard 30-round QBZ-95 magazines are also compatible with the QBB-95.


The QBB-95 uses the Chinese standard 5.8×42mm bullet. However, the QBB-95 uses the heavier DBP88 variant of the 5.8×42mm bullet, as opposed to the DBP87 bullets used by the QBZ-95. The DBP88 bullets, when compared to the DBP87 bullets used by the QBZ-95, have better penetration capabilities and better performance at longer ranges. Using DBP88 bullets in a QBZ-95 is not advised, as that will cause the action and barrel to wear down much faster than it normally should. However, later variants of the QBB-95 are chambered for the newer DBP10 ammunition. The QBB-97 variant uses 5.56×45mm NATO rounds.



Original variant as introduced in 1997.


Updated version of the QBB-95, featuring ergonomic enhancements from the updated QBZ-95-1 assault rifle.


Export variant.


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