Pindad SS2
Country of origin



PT Pindad

Weapon type

Assault Rifle


5.56x45mm NATO


Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Overall length
  • SS2-v1: 990 millimeters
  • SS2-v2: 920 millimeters
  • SS2-v4: 990 millimeters
  • SS2-v5: 770 millimeters
  • SS2-v2: 403 millimeters
  • SS2-v4: 460 millimeters
  • SS2-v5: 252 millimeters
Barrel length

SS2-v1: 460 millimeters


3.4 kilograms

Weight empty

4.2 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30-round detachable box magazine

Cyclic rate

650-700 Rounds Per Minute

Maximum effective range

500 Meters (Effective Range)

The Pindad SS2 (SS being short for Senapan Serbu, which means "assault rifle" in the Indonesian language) is an Indonesian made assault rifle, created to replace the aging Pindad SS1s already in service with Indonesian police and military forces.

Design Details Edit

The SS2 is based off its predecessor, the SS1, which is a licensed version of the FN FNC. The SS2 has a two part upper/lower receiver construction; both receiver components are made from aluminum alloy, connected to one another with the use of two cross-pins. The front handguard is that of a ribbed design, with ventilation holes, this design allows for finer cooling in the case that sustained automatic fire is preformed. The front sight is similar to that of a standard Kalashnikov rifle, while the rear sights attached to the removable carry handle are diopter-type style.

Variants Edit

The SS2 has several variants, which include:

SS2-v1: A standard rifle based off its predecessor, the SS1, which is a licensed version of the FN FNC. This variant has a carry handle that be replaced with a pictanny rail for optical enhancements, and a folding stock.

SS2-v2: A carbine variant of the SS2-v1.

SS2-v4: A DMR variant, which only includes a pictanny rail for scope mounting, lengthened barrel for accuracy improvements, and removed front sight.

SS2-v5: A subcompact variant of the SS2-v1. This variant has 2 subvariants that include the SS2-v5a1, and the SS2-v5C.