Pauza P50

Pauza P50 Sporting Rifle

The Pauza P50 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Robert Pauza. It was manufactured between 1991 and 1997, and sold by Pauza Specialties of Baytown, Texas. Later versions were produced by Freshour Manufacturing, a company from Texas City, Texas. The P50 was developed to be a competitor to Barrett, although only 36 were produced. The gun was produced in two variants, a rifle and a carbine, both chambered in .50 BMG. [1]

A modified version of the P50 is manufactured by EDM Arms as the Windrunner Semi-automatic .50 Cal. [2]


  1. Freshour's Pauza P50 Series
  2. EDM Arms Windrunner Semi-automatic .50 Cal

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