Country of origin

Soviet Union


Degtyaryov plant


Vasily Degtyaryov

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Anti-tank rifle




Manually-operated, bolt action

Overall length

79.5 inches (202 cm)

Barrel length

53.1 inches (135 cm)


38.1 pounds (17.3 kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Single shot

Cyclic rate

User dependent

Maximum effective range

300 meters

Used by

Soviet Union, China, North Korea

The Protivotankovoye odnozaryadnoye ruzh'yo obraztsa 1941 goda sistemy Degtyarova (Противотанковое однозарядное ружьё образца 1941 года системы Дегтярёва, Degtyaryov's single-shot anti-tank rifle, model of 1941 in English), more commonly known as the PTRD (ПТРД) or the PTRD-41, is a Russian anti-tank rifle.

History Edit

After the USSR captured some Model 35 anti-tank rifles from the Polish, which proved effective, Vasily Degtyaryov copied the lock and some features of the Panzerbüsche 38 into his then new design, when hasty production was required.

At the time, the PTRD and PTRS were the only anti-tank rifles available upon the outbreak with Germany. The 14.5x114mm round could penetrate 35-40mm of armor. As most German tanks had a thin sheet of armor that was less than 40mm at the time, it was supposed to be easy to penetrate. However, there was a high chance that the bullet would not penetrate the armor and instead shatter if a tank is struck at the wrong angle.

Due to obsolescence and ineffective against tanks, the PTRD and PTRS fell out of favor with the army as anti-tank rifles, and instead were reassigned the role as anti-materiel rifles due to poor performance. The PTRD had numerous flaws, such as lack of penetration power and the inability to aim accurately with a telescopic sight, annoying many crews that used the PTRD, and absurd muzzle flash, instantly giving away a crew's position. The PTRD was later taken out of service and replaced with the RPG-7.

Design Edit

The PTRD is a crudely designed single shot anti-tank rifle firing a 14.5x114mm cartridge. It uses a lock from the kb ppanc wz. 35 and some elements from a Panzerbüsche 38.

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