Nikonov LMG
Country of origin

Soviet Union / Russian Federation



Production began


Weapon type

Light Machine Gun


5.45 x 39 mm



Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30, 45-round box magazines 100-round drum magazine

Cyclic rate

3000 rounds per minute

Maximum effective range

1000 meters

The Nikonov machine gun (Пулемёт Никонова) is a twin barrel light machine gun of Russian origin designed by Gennadiy Nikonov.


The weapon developed on its own initiative, out of competition and technical tasks. The weapon has no bolt, but a stationary breech and movable barrels with its own gas cylinders with piston connected to the next barrel. Upon firing one barrel, the next one was forced backwards, and thus caused the next barrel to move forward. When firing operates a feeding device that channels rounds into the barrels, with the spent cartridges ejected from both sides.

Экспериментальный образец высокотемпного ручного пулемета конструкции Г.Н. Никонова

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