A Multiple Barrel Firearm is a firearm of any type with more than one barrel, usually to increase the rate of fire/hitting probability and to reduce barrel erosion/overheating. Originally a primitive attempt of rapid fire before the introduction of belt-feed/magazines and automatic weapons. It must be noted that Project SALVO revealed that any Multi Barrel Assault rifle/Machine Gun with a rifle caliber larger than 5.56 NATO and the possible exception of Pistol/Intermediate rounds (IE: 9x19mm, .30 Carbine, 7.62x39mm) is unsuitable for infantry use.

Combo weapons (IE M16 with underslung M203, OICW etc.) or Twin/Multiple Mounted weapons are NOT to be classed as Multiple Barrel Firearms. Weapons such as Derringer Pistols, Double Barrel shotguns etc. could be classed as an example but not necessarily worth listing here.



Underwater PistolsEdit



Assault rifleEdit

Battle RifleEdit


Machine GunEdit

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