Monolith Arms P-12
Country of origin

United States


Monolith Arms


Monolith Arms

Year(s) designed


Production began

2008 (projected)

Weapon type



12 gauge


Manually operated, pump-action

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

20-round top-mounted box magazine

The Monolith Arms P-12 was a prototype American shotgun.


The P-12 was a concept shotgun by Monolith Arms that was expected to be on the market by 2007. As it never came on the market that year, Monolith pushed the P-12's release date to 2008, along with releasing a teaser video for the weapon; the teaser video for the weapon has been noted by many gun enthusiasts to be of very poor quality due to the use of fake sound effects, and the weapon not actually being fired at all in the entire one-minute video. Before the P-12 could even reach production, however, Monolith Arms was bought over by Magpul and the P-12 was shelved.

Design DetailsEdit

The P-12 was a pump-action shotgun with a top-mounted magazine similar to that of an FN P90.


  • If looked at very closely in the video, it is quite easy to tell that the P-12 is a non-functioning prototype; the weapon seems like it was mostly 3D-printed, and that there is no magazine follower or follower spring in the magazine.


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