Country of origin

South Africa


Truvelo Armoury

Production began


Weapon type

Submachine gun


9x19mm Parabellum

Overall length

607mm (stock extended)
387mm (stock folded)

Barrel length



2.5kg (empty)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

22 or 32 rounds

Cyclic rate

1000 rpm

The BXP is a submachine gun developed in the mid-1980s by the South African company Mechem. Production started in 1988. As of 2009 it is produced by Truvelo Armoury.


Due to the international arms embargoes imposed upon apartheid-era South Africa, the country was forced to design and manufacture their own weapons. The weapon was intended for use by security forces. The manifacturing rights changed the owner several times, passing from Mechem to Milkor Marketing and later to Truvelo Armoury.

Design detailsEdit

The weapon is based on the American MAC-10 but features several improvements and changes. The military variant is manufactured with a select-fire (SAFE-SEMI-AUTO) configuration. A separate fire mode selector built into the trigger allows the BXP to fire in semi-automatic mode by partially depressing the trigger, or in full-auto mode by fully depressing the trigger. The civilian variant for security use is manufactured with only the semi-automatic mode. This variant fires from a closed bolt while the military variant fires from an open bolt.

The BXP has an ambidextrous safety lever and an interceptor notch that catches the bolt if it is released during the cocking but prior to activating the sear.

The weapon is coated with a rust-resistant coating, which doubles as a dry lubricant.

All BXP SMGs are blowback operated. The telescoping bolt wraps around the rear of the barrel when closed, saving on overall length. The charging handle is located at the top of the receiver.

Owing to a wide variety of muzzle devices (including silencers, heat shields, and even rifle grenades), the weapon can be used to fire non-lethal and explosive projectiles by the usage of a blank cartridge, as well as normal ammunition. The BXP also features an underfolding buttstock, made from stamped steel. The standard sights are of open type, but the BXP can be equipped with laser aiming modules and sights.


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