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Metal Storm Ltd.
Country of Origin



Brisbane, Australia


J. Mike O'Dwyer

Year of Founding


Year of Closure

2012 (Voluntary Administration)


Acquired by DefendTex

Key People

J. Mike O'Dwyer

Metal Storm Ltd is an Australian research and development company specialized in superposed loads.


Metal Storm requested to be suspended from trading on 20 July 2012, and was placed into voluntary administration in the same time. DefendTex, an Australian-based Defence R&D company acquired all IPs, trademarks, technologies and assets of Metal Storm in late 2015.


Metal Storm's proprietary superposed load technology invented by J. Mike O'Dwyer is known as stacked projectile technology. They superpose multiple loads in a single barrel and are individually electrochemically triggered. This allows for tremendously high fire rates due to a lack of moving parts.


Technology DemonstratorEdit

The Metal Storm technology demonstrator is a 36-barrel rig nicknamed "Bertha" with 5 rounds in each barrel. All 180 rounds were fired in less than 0.01 seconds, with a total fire rate of one million rounds per minute (~27,777 RPM per barrel), making it the fastest-firing gun in existence.

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