Mauser Model 60
Mauser Model 60
Country of origin

West Germany




Vorgrimmler & Kimmick

Year(s) designed


Weapon type

Submachine gun



The Mauser Model 60 was a grenade-launching submachine gun designed by German firearms manufacturer Mauser.


The Model 60 was Mauser's answer to the Erma-Panzer 58. The Model 60 was a multi-purpose weapon designed to be deployed as both a submachine gun and a light anti-tank weapon. It fired from a closed bolt at all times using a spring-retracted firing pin and hammer. This produced extremely accurate fire. The muzzle brake doubled both as a means of reducing heavy recoil and also as a guide for the anti-tank grenades it fired. Although it was a reportedly excellent weapon, like the Erma-Panzer 58, nothing ever became of it.

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