Country of Origin



Pavia, Italy

Year of Founding

Before or during the 1950s

Year of Closure




Owner(s)/Parent Company

Emilio Ghisoni's father (originally)
Emilio Ghisoni (for a while)
Sergio Moltana (before closure)
Valentino Moltana (before closure)

Key People

Emilio Ghisoni

Notable Products

Mateba autorevolver

Area(s) served


Macchine Termo-Balistiche, or Mateba (stylized as Ma.Te.Ba.) was an Italian firearms company and pasta kneading machine manufacturer.


The company was formed in the 1950s (or before) by Emilio Ghisoni's father. Whilst running the company, he died in the late 1950s. Once his father died, Emilio, who was a university student at the time, dropped out and began to lead the company, where his interest in machinery and firearm design became a small side business for Mateba.

Ghisoni's first firearm design would the the MT1, a five-shot .22 Long Rifle competition pistol, designed between 1977 to 1980. After a few years, Ghisoni put out what was their most innovative design at the time: the Mateba MTR series, a series of competition revolvers. Born out of a bet, the MTRs had double action and single action capabilities. After producing one functional example, Ghisoni decided that he had put enough Lira into the design, and started selling it.

In 1990, Ghisoni released another design, the 2006M. While officially called the MTR-6+6, the 2006M name was given as a misnomer to its catalog number. This was the first revolver with Ghisoni's trademark 6 o' clock bore position.

During the 1990s, a German investor got very interested in the company, and partnered up with Ghisoni to create what is unarguably their most famous product: the Mateba Autorevolver. With the German's help, Mateba was able to move sales over to the United States, but things didn't quite go as planned. As such, Ghisoni sold his stakes in the company to Sergio Moltana, who was then given trademarks to the Mateba names and designs. However, in 2005, under the leadership of Sergio's son, Valentino Moltana, Mateba folded and is now no longer in business.



  • After selling off the Mateba name, Emilio Ghisoni founded another company called The.Ma, still in the business of producing food machines.