Sauer M30
Country of origin

Nazi Germany


Sauer & Sohn

Production began


Production ended


Number built


Weapon type



12 gauge


Break action

Overall length

42 inches (110 centimetres)

Barrel length

25.625 inches (65.09 centimetres)


7.5 pounds (3.4 kilograms)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

2 12 gauge shells over 1 9.3×74mmR round

The Sauer M30, also known as the M30 Luftwaffe drilling, Drilling M30 or the Luftwaffedrilling, is a Nazi German "drilling" combination gun.


Little is known about the actual development of the M30, but it can be assumed that it was developed for use as a survival weapon in the Luftwaffe.

During World War II, it was used for exactly that; in the event that a pilot got shot down by enemy fire, the rifle could be used as a tool for hunting game and for self-defense against enemies until they got rescued, although it wasn't too much help in the latter field.

Only 2456 were built over a span of two years. Due to it being relatively rare, the M30 can fetch a rather high price at firearms auctions.

Design DetailsEdit

The M30 is a combination gun of the drilling type, in which a rifle barrel is placed underneath two shotgun barrels. The weapon is of the break-action type, similar to most double barreled shotguns.


The M30 held a 9.3×74mmR round in the bottom barrel and a 12 gauge shell in the top two.


  • The Sauer M30 is featured in Sniper Elite 4.
  • The Sauer M30 is featured in Call of Duty: WWII. "The Triple" variant turns it into the TP-82 survival gun.

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