Browning Model 1917
Country of origin

Flag of the United States.svg.png United States


John Browning

Weapon type

Heavy machine gun


.30-06 Springfield


Recoil-operated automatic

Overall length

37.94 in (964mm)

Barrel length

24 in (609 mm)


103 lb (47 kg) (gun, tripod, water, and ammunition)

Cyclic rate

450 round/min, 600 round/min for M1917A1

Maximum effective range

1,500 yd (1,370m)

Muzzle velocity

2,800 ft/s (853.6 m/s)

The M1917 Browning machine gun is a water-cooled heavy machine gun that was used by U.S. Army in World War I, World War II, Korea and to a small extent in Vietnam. It was commonly seen mounted on vehicles and at battalion level.


There are two main variants of it; the M1917, which was used in World War I, and the M1917A1 which was used after. The M1917 was used on the ground and on some aircrafts, and had a firing rate of 450 round/min; the M1917A1 had a firing rate of 450 to 600 round/min.


  • Flag of Argentina.svg.png Argentina
  • Flag of the Republic of China.svg.png Republic of China (locally produced copies chambered for 7.92 mm Mauser rounds)
  • Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway
  • Flag of the Philippines.svg.png Philippines
  • Flag of Poland.svg.png Poland
  • Flag of Sweden.svg.png Sweden
  • Flag of Thailand.svg.png Thailand (designated as the Type 66)
  • Flag of the United States.svg.png United States
  • Flag of South Vietnam.svg.png South Vietnam

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