Winchester Model 1895 Lee

Lee Navy

The Winchest Model 1895 Lee (Lee-Navy) was a straight-pull bolt action rifle produced between 1895 and 1902; adopted by the US Navy in .236 (6mm) caliber. This was due, in part, to the US Army's slow progress of adopting a smallbore rifle at the time. Unlike other straight-pull bolt action rifles, the Lee tips the bolt - similar to the FAL's bolt function - instead of rotating the bolt like the Steyr-Mannlicher 1895 or Schmidt-Rubin 1896. This unique action seems awkward, but in practice was found to be smooth and fast. High-velocity performance with the 6mm ammunition was degraded, as the Rifleite smokeless powder fouled the bore rather quickly, and the fast-burning powders of the time period corroded the shallow Metford polygonal rifling in the bore, despite rigorous cleaning.

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