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A flintlock gunlock.

Below is a list of the different gunlock types used in muskets. These gunlocks were improved upon over the years, and would often be replaced by a more efficient type of gunlock that was easier to both reload and maintain. Different gunlocks were used over the times between wars before the Thirty Years' War, as well as during, (and in disputes and minor skirmishes ranging from crime to random violence after) the American Civil War. But, muskets were later just called (a lot of the time) rifles, once bullet cartridges and ammunition packs and cartridges were invented.

Listed in order of creation.

  • Wheellock Utilized a rotating wheel which would be stricken by a hammer with flint, which would make sparks, which would be led into the flash pan.
  • Flintlock Utilized a hammer with flint which would strike a steel frizzen, which would make sparks that would be led into the flash pan.
  • Caplock Utilized a hammer that would strike a percussion cap, which would detonate and create sparks which would be led into the barrel.

Listing of sub-gunlocksEdit

This is a listing of minor variants to the main gunlocks.

Listed in order of creation:

  • Snapping matchlock A version of the matchlock that utilized a tighter hammer that had more force upon being released.
  • Snaphance Utilized the same parts as the flintlock except instead of a frizzen a piece with a steel face was used (before the flintlock and after the wheellock).

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