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Korth .357 Magnum (Combat)
Korth .357 Magnum
Country of origin

West Germany


Korth GmbH


Willie Korth

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.357 Magnum


Double action

Barrel length

75mm (3.0in), 150mm (6.0in)

Weight empty

0.99kg (35oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


The Korth .357 Magnum is a revolver produced by Korth GmbH, a German gun manufacturer. Although being seen as an excessively expensive gun (generally priced at over $1,000) the Korth .357 Magnum is a highly desireable gun.

Design DevelopmentEdit

Willie Korth, having designed his own action for revolvers in the 1950's, began manufacturing revolvers in 1965, the Korth .357 Magnum being the result of this.

Using the traditional solid frame with swing-out cylinder, the Korth .357 Magnum is seen as being similar to the Colt Python. However several significant differences between the two. Firstly the barrel  is manufactured as a seperate component. The barrel is covered with a steel jacket and then screwed into the frame. The extractor rod is also in the steel jacket. A barrel nut secures the entire assembly on the muzzle

Similarly unlike the Python, the cylinder crane of the Korth .357 Magnum is released by a serrated catch next to the hammer. The cylinder can be slid from the crane by pressing a spring latch while the gas leak is negligable, due to the fact that the cylinder face and barrel are fitted with a minimal distance between them. Finally the firing pin is made as a seperate component, mounted within the frame. The safety (linked directly to the trigger) prevents the hammer striking the pin unless the trigger is pulled. Otherwise the Korth .357 Magnum is double-action, like the Python, and can also be shot in single-action. The Korth .357 Magnum is typically finished to a very high standard, with the metalwork well blued and grips made from high-grade walnut. Chromium plating covers the hammer, trigger and barrel lock nut.


The Korth .357 Magnum utilises the .357 magnum cartridge, shot from a six-shot, swing-out, cylinder.


Being so greatly coverted the Korth .357 Magnum demands the high asking price of over $1000. The semi-customisable revolver has a debated reputation, with many choosing to use the cheaper Colt or Smith & Wesson alternatives.

In terms of military use the Korth Combat, a varient of the Korth .357 Magnum, has not seen any military use, despite what the name (and intention of Korth) suggests.

Ian V. Hogg, British Military Serviceman and renowned author on Firearms wrote:

(The .357 Magnum) is on a par with other high quality revolvers; the finish, inside and out is excellent, the design is good; however i cannot honestly see where the high price is justified in any concrete manner.

–Ian V. Hogg, Modern Small Arms

This handmade revolver demands constant maintenance, particularly around the cylinder/barrel gap. However the handmade method of manufacture allows a significant amount of customisation and the relative bulk of the design allows for more powerful cartridges to be used.


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