Kolibri pistol
Country of origin





Franz Pfannl

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Number built

Approximately 1,000

Weapon type



2.7mm Kolibri



Overall length

6.8 centimetres (2.7 inches)

Barrel length

3.2 centimetres (1.3 inches)


0.22 kilograms (0.49 pounds)

Weight empty

0.07 kilograms (0.15 pounds)


4.6 centimetres (1.8 inches)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

6-round detachable box magazine

Muzzle velocity

650 feet per second (200 metres per second)

The Kolibri pistol, officially known as the Kolibri Model 2 and also known as the Kolibri car pistol or Pfannl's Automat-Pistol, is an Austro-Hungarian pistol. It is the world's smallest production centerfire pistol.[1]


The Kolibri pistol was manufactured by Kolibri from 1914 to 1938, with less than 1,000 produced before production was interrupted due to World War I. The pistol and ammunition were designed by Franz Pfannl, an Austrian watchmaker, with financial support from George Grabner.

Production was discontinued in 1938 due to stiff competition in the civilian firearms market and a whole host of disadvantages, the most apparent of which was its absurd lack of stopping power due to weak ammunition as a whole.[2]

Design DetailsEdit

The weapon uses a simple blowback action, similar to most .22 pistols. Due to the small size of the weapon, it lacks any form of rifling, and as such, is very inaccurate. It was also rather difficult to load and shoot the weapon due to its small size. When fired, the cartridge has a normal muzzle velocity of about 200 meters per second (656.2 feet per second), and a pathetic muzzle energy of just 4 joules (3 foot-pounds). Due to its small cartridge, recoil is practically non-existent.

Export versions of the Kolibri appear vastly different from the ones commonly seen. Exported Kolibris have gilded finishes on their metal parts and were engraved, but other than that were completely identical. Some export versions had pearl handgrips, while some other variants had standard handgrips, but had "KREMSa/D" engravings as opposed to the standard Kolibri engraving.


  • The Kolibri pistol appeared in the video game Battlefield 1 as a novelty weapon unlocked for purchase after reaching rank 10 with the Scout. It is the weakest weapon in game, dealing a pathetic 1 damage per shot and 25 per headshot, and has the highest headshot multiplier of all sidearms in the game.