Knight's Armament Company
Country of Origin

United States


Titusville, Florida (US)


C. Reed Knight Jr.

Year of Founding


Owner(s)/Parent Company

C. Reed Knight Jr.

Key People

Eugene Stoner

Weapon Types

Machine guns
Sniper rifles

Famous Firearms

KAC Masterkey

Area(s) served

United States

The Knight's Armament Company are an American based firearm manufacturer, best known for their research and development projects including the KAC ChainSAW. KAC were founded by C. Reed Knight Jr in the 1980's in order to develop new firearms.


The Knight's Armament Company was founded in 1982 by C. Reed Knight Jr. on the basis of working as a research and development facility. This began with the intention of developing specialist equipment and weaponary for the US Special Forces, before developing into a company that would sell products to civilians as well in the following years.

In that time, KAC had worked with famed gun designer Eugene Stoner (notable as the designer of the AR-15 rifle), a collaboration which resulted in KAC's most used product, the Rail Interface System (RIS) as well as several other weapons systems that are used in current military applications across the world. 

In recent years, KAC have also added full blown firearms to their extensive list of accessories. Like their accessories, these firearms are highly specialised for a select few tasks, a prime example being the KAC Masterkey, a shotgun which KAC developed specifically as a door breeching tool for the US military. Nonetheless, every single process in the manufacturing procedure is observed by KAC at their base in Titusville, Florida in the US.


KAC have (as mentioned above) produced parts and accessories for many firearms over the years. This has ranged from the development of their RIS system, to fibre optic sights, to, in recent years, highly specialised weapons. Below is a list of their contributions to the world of firearms:


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