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The Kk 62 is a Finnish 7.62 mm light machine gun designed in late 1950s with the first prototype ready for testing in 1960. It was officially adopted as the standard infantry support weapon of the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) in 1962 as the 7.62 konekivääri 62; the first weapons were delivered in 1966. It remains in service, although a replacement is planned, most likely the PKM general purpose machine gun.

The Kk 62 is a gas-operated, belt-fed automatic weapon. It uses a tilting bolt, that locks into the roof of the receiver, and the overall system of operation is modeled on that found in the Czech vz. 52 machine gun. The Kk 62's receiver is machined from steel, and a tubular metal buttstock houses the recoil spring. The Kk 62 is fed from the right-hand side, from 100-round belts that are carried in pouches that clamp onto the receiver wall. The Kk 62 has no quick-change barrel, which is a serious drawback when sustained firepower is required; the original usage doctrine was based on agile hit-and-run tactics rather than suppressive fire from a strong position. The cleaning rod is attached to right side of the butt and receiver. A side-folding carrying handle is provided in front of the feeding mechanism. The Kk 62 is also equipped with a folding bipod.

The KK 62 uses the intermediate Soviet 7.62x39mm cartridge, which can be interchanged with any FDF standard assault rifles (from Rk 62 to Rk 95 TP). The major drawbacks are the lack of a quick-changeable barrel and sensitivity to dirt and humidity—the KK 62 requires much more care in a combat environment than most FDF assault rifles.

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