New gen PMR-30 with red dot, flashlight, and flash reducer
Kel-Tec PMR-30
Country of origin

United States of America



Production began


Weapon type



.22 WMR


Blowback, locked breech

Overall length

7.9 in (201mm)

Barrel length

4.3 in (109mm)


1.226 lbs. (556 g)

Weight empty

0.851 lbs. (386 g)


1.3 in (33mm)


5.8 in (147mm)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30-round detachable box magazine

Cyclic rate


Muzzle velocity

1,200 ft/s (370 m/s)

The PMR-30 is a full-size semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Kel-Tec and was first released in 2011.


The PMR-30 has a single action trigger pull of 3.5 to 5 lbf (16 to 22 N) and a manual safety device. It is chambered in .22 Magnum (AKA .22 WMR) and the factory shipped double-stack magazine has a capacity of 30 rounds. The PMR-30 is currently the highest factory capacity pistol on the market, beating out the FN Five-SeveN. In fact, some call the PMR-30 the "poor man's Five-SeveN", due to its high capacity, light weight, trigger and caliber. The PMR-30 uses fixed fiber optic open sights. The slide is also pre-drilled to allow for the mounting of various red-dot sights with the purchase of appropriate mounting plates from the manufacturer. It has a European-style magazine release. A sizeable amount of polymer is used in the firearm to save on weight and cost, with a low-profile steel slide and barrel and aluminum internal grip frame. 

Since its initial market introduction, the PMR-30 has undergone several improvements due to problems with the early available design. The twist rate on the barrel rifling was increased to 1:11" to better stabilize bullets and reduce key-holing. A stronger, lightly textured polymer is now used for the frame. This eliminates drooping of the frame that created a large gap previously seen between the front of the frame and the barrel. This also gives the frame a less shiny appearance, and a less slick feel in the hand. More metal was added as reinforcement at the breech to completely cover the rim of a loaded cartridge, presumably for increased user safety in the event of a cartridge case separation. Additional improvements to the newer design include screws that may be loosened to adjust the front sight for windage, and ".22 WMR" stamped on the slide.

Kel-Tec also offers an extended 5" threaded barrel for the PMR-30 with an aluminum flash-hider to reduce the high amount of muzzle flash produced by escaping gases.


While a standard 40gr .22 Magnum (.22 WMR) round reaches velocities near 2,000 fps (600 m/s) at about 355 ft/lbs of energy (Energy = .5 * weight * velocity^2 / 7000 / 32.175) when fired from a rifle, the velocity and energy is significantly lower when fired from a handgun due to the shorter barrel. A standard 40gr .22 Magnum round fired from the PMR-30 is approximately equal in velocity and energy to a standard 40gr .22LR round fired from a rifle. At 1,200 ft/s (370 m/s), this is 127 ft/lbs of energy. Lighter bullets and various .22 Magnum ammunition varieties with faster burning powder specifically manufactured for use in handguns can be expected to reach higher velocities and greater energies.

SMG prototypeEdit

In 2010, Kel-Tec produced a developmental submachine gun version of the PMR-30, as a means to prove that .22 WMR rounds can 100% reliably feed. It featured a distinctive conical flash hider on the barrel, and a stock that could hold three extra 30-round magazines. A test firing of the weapon by Tactical-Life showed that it had a very high rate of fire, emptying a 30-round magazine in less than a second and a half.