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Ak-9 2

Kalashnikov AK-9 compact assault rifle

The AK-9 is the most recent addition to the line of the Russian-made weapons, built for the family of the sub-sonic 9x39 ammunition, which includes SP-5 ball and SP-6 armor-piercing rounds. The AK-9, developed by the Izhevsk Machine building plant (IzhMash, the home of Kalashnikov assault rifles) is intended to compete with already established weapons such as AS silenced assault rifle and 9A-91 and SR-3M multipurpose compact assault rifles.

The AK-9 is intended for use by special elements of the Russian army (recon troops) and by various Law Enforcement agencies, engaged in anti-terror, anti-drug and anti-organized crime operations. The AK-9 is based on the so-called "hundred series" of Kalashnikov assault rifles, such as AK-104, but with certain improvements. It features same tried and proven gas operated, rotary bolt action and same "Kalashnikov-style" controls including reciprocating bolt handle, safety/fire selector lever and overall layout with side-folding polymer buttstock. Polymer furniture is improved with addition of the accessory Picatinny rails on the bottom of the forend, and the left side of receiver is fitted with Russian-standard scope rail. Barrel can be fitted with specially designed quick-detach silencer (sound moderator), which is especially effective with 9x39 subsonic ammunition. Magazine is made of black polymer, holds 20 rounds of ammunition and appears to be of proprietary design, not compatible with other (competing) weapons of the same caliber, which are already in service with Russian military and law enforcement.

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