The KRR Minigun is a 4 barrel machine gun of Australian origin.[1] The weapon is designed by Kerfoot, Ronald and Ross hence the name KRR. It came under WIPO Patent WO/1985/005442A1.


The KRR Minigun was designed in the 1980s as a response to the M134 Minigun, which is heavy and not easily portable and so is usually mounted in the likes of helicopters or flying gunships for infantry support asides the M134 requires an external power supply and so is not self-operated.

It is the general object of the KRR Minigun to provide a multi-barrel machine gun for automatic firearm which is self operated, and can have continuous high rate of firing mode. The KRR Minigun preferably may be set to fire only single shots or short bursts. Other objects which may be achieved in preferred embodiments of the invention are to provide such a gun with an easily variable rate of fire in which the barrels have a long life and so retain their accuracy, and which can be easily maintained for servicing in the field.


The KRR Minigun is a gas operated, 4 barreled machine gun. The barrel cluster is shrouded in an air cooled barrel jacket with a pistol grip portruding from underneath to handle recoil. The weapon comes with a fixed stock and an optical IR sight/carry handle.