The KRISS K10 is a prototype American submachine gun.


The K10 was first shown off at the 2011 SHOT Show in the United States as the second generation of the Vector series of firearms produced by KRISS. The K10 has not been since since the 2013 SHOT Show, and it can be assumed that it has been cancelled.

In 2015, KRISS introduced "Gen 2" versions of the Vector; it can be assumed that these Gen 2 Vectors have replaced the K10 prototype as last seen in 2013.

Design DetailsEdit

The K10 is essentially a more ergonomic Vector with numerous changes to the actual weapon; the most apparent change is the placement of the charging handle on the K10, which is placed vertically and is angled to the side, in the same direction as the weapon's blowback delaying system. The K10's charging handle can be placed on either side of the weapon to suit both left- and right-handed users.

The K10 features a five-position telescoping stock made of aluminum and a muzzle brake which can fit KRISS' proprietary Defiance silencers, and features various Picatinny rails running alongside the weapon, such as on the barrel extension and on the length of the weapon. The K10's grip size and shape are said to be adjustable. The K10 has a three-position selector switch, which can switch between safe, semi-automatic and fully-automatic options, although a variant with an alternative safe-2-round burst trigger group would have also been an option.

The weapon would have also accepted 25-round proprietary box magazines which would have also fit in the KRISS KARD which is under development.


  • The K10 is notable for appearing in the game Battlefield Hardline.
  • A weapon known as the "K10" also appears in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II; the "K10" in said game is actually a KRISS Vector with the K10's barrel extension.