Country of Origin

United States

Year of Founding



Defiance, Sphinx

Weapon Types


Famous Firearms


KRISS USA, formerly known as Transformational Defense Industries or TDI, is an American firearms manufacturer.


KRISS USA is the American offshoot of sorts of the original KRISS Group based in Switzerland. Little is known about the history of the company other than that.


KRISS, when it was under the TDI name, was known for developing the KRISS Super V system, an unconventional delayed blowback system where the bolt and inertia block move downwards into a recess located somewhere in the firearm to help reduce felt recoil. KRISS' products include:

  • Vector - Unarguably their most famous product, the Vector has been marketed to militaries and to civilians, the latter in a semi-automatic form.
  • K10 - A prototype of the Vector first sighted at the 2011 SHOT Show. The K10 was last seen at the 2013 SHOT Show and has been assumed to be cancelled.
  • KARD - A pistol using a slightly different version of the KRISS Super V system currently under development.
  • Disraptor - A prototype heavy machine gun using two Super V systems.

KRISS USA is also the importer of Sphinx firearms into the United States.


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