"This weapon isn't functioning properly! Send it back to the armory and perform the necessary repairs to make it functional again."

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The Knight's Armament Personal Defense Weapon is designed to be a compact weapon system with a longer effective range than other personal defense weapons. This weapon has the portability of a submachine gun coupled with firepower and range close to that of an assault rifle, making this gun perfect for personal defense and use in police forces. This weapon is chambered in 6x35mm which was also designed by Knight's Armament. The 6x35mm round is heavier than the NATO standard 5.56x45mm, yet it is shorter and has a greater muzzle velocity. This gun incorporates new designs to a conventional, scaled down AR-15 platform. This weapon features a side folding stock, and four RIS rails for mounting accessories. The right side rail is notably shorter to accommodate the foldable stock.

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