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Mauser k98 r
Mauser K98
Country of origin

Nazi Germany

Weapon type



7.92 x 57 mm



Overall length

43.6 inches

Barrel length

600 mm (approximately 24 inches)

Weight empty

8 lbs 9 oz

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5 round internal box

The Mauser K98 was used by Nazi Germany during WW2. It had a 5-round internal magazine. The K98 was powerful and accurate. So much so that many were upgraded with scopes to be used as snipers rifles. By the end of WW2, Nazi Germany had nearly 3 million K98 rifles, making it one of the most produced weapons of the war.

The K98 was also produced in Czechoslovakia while it was under German control.

During WW2 the Soviet Union had captured many of these rifles. The Russians refurbished these captured rifles just as they did their own Mosin Nagant rifles. The rifles were then put into storage in case hostilities were renewed. Just recently these Russian captured K98s were sold to dealers and are now being sold to collectors, hunters, WW2 re-enactors, etc. Sadly these will probably be the last of the K98 rifles available as the supplies are very limited.

After WW2 the new Jewish state of Israel was sent large quantities of K98s, many of which had the barrels replaced with 7.62x51mm (.308) caliber barrels.

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