Jimenez Arms
Country of Origin

United States of America


Carson City, Nevada, United States
Irvine, California, United States
Costa Mesa, California, United States


Bruce Jennings

Year of Founding

1978 as Jennings Firearms

Key People

Paul Jimenez

Weapon Types


Famous Firearms


Area(s) served

United States

Jimenez Arms, formerly known as Jennings Firearms and Bryco Arms, is an American manufacturer of inexpensive firearms.


Jimenez was set up in 1978 as Jennings Firearms by Bruce Jennings, son of George Jennings, the founder of Raven Arms. The company went bankrupt and was renamed Bryco Arms, which for some reason still used the Jennings name on their products. While under the Bryco name, BATF classified it as a "Ring of Fire company"; a company known for producing Saturday night specials, or low-cost pistols, on a massive scale. Bryco later went bankrupt in 2003 after losing a lawsuit about a safety issue on one of their pistols. Paul Jimenez, Bryco's former factory frontman, later purchased the old assets of Bryco in 2004 and renamed it Jimenez Arms.



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