C90-CR (M3)
Country of origin




Weapon type

Rocket launcher


90mm HEAT missile

Overall length

37 inches (94 centimeters)


10.6 pounds (4.8 kilograms)

The C90-CR (M3), also known as the Instalaza C90, is a Spanish rocket launcher.


The rocket launcher was designed by Instalaza, but is slowly being phased out of use and being replaced by the similar Alcotán-100.

Design DetailsEdit

The C90 is a rocket launcher that can be operated by a single person. It consists of a launch tube made of reinforced resin and a 90mm HEAT warhead housed inside it. The launch tube also houses all the various peripherals for the rocket. The trigger mechanism is autonomous, and there are no electric components present in the warhead where its solid rocket booster, igniter and stabilizers are located. The tube can also be fitted with a VN38 night vision optic for night use.


The weapon uses multiple variants of a 90mm HEAT missile. Ignition stops for the missile before it leaves the launch tube.


C90-CR (M3) and C90-CR-RB (M3)

Equipped with a hollow charge warhead that can penetrate up to 400 millimeters (15.7 inches) or armor plating.

C90-CR-AM (M3)

Equipped with a different type of missile that scatters small mines when detonated.

C90-CR-FIM (M3)

Equipped with an incendiary missile filled with white phosphorus.

C90-CR-BK (M3)

Equipped with a "smart" missile fitted with a tandem warhead precursor; the warhead will penetrate through the walls of bunkers and other fortifications before exploding in the building's interior.

C90-CR-IN (M3)

Training model with an inert warhead.


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