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IM Model 5
IM Model 5
Country of origin


Production began


Weapon type



.30 Carbine


Gas operated


2.3 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

15, 20, 30 round detachable box magazines 50, 125 round drum magazines

Cyclic rate

800 rounds per minute (Both Sections)

IM Model 5 Schematic

The ITM Model 5 is a Kalashnikov-derived carbine, chambered for the .30 Carbine cartridge. The Model 5 was designed to be a carbine for use in close-quarters battle (CQB) situations, with ammunition that could penetrate walls. It received more attention from the military than previous ITM designs.


The IM-Arms Model 5 or ITM-5 were more simple Kalashnikov-derived firearms. It had a pistol grip, a side-folding stock, and took M1 carbine magazines (15 or 30 rounds) or 125-rds drum magazines manufactured by IM Arms.


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