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Country of origin




Production began


Weapon type

semiautomatic handgun


9x19 parabellum TT




740 g

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

16 rounds,

Maximum effective range

90/25 m

Muzzle velocity

360 m/s

The Cordova INDUMIL gun is a weapon recently developed by the Indumil, in order to self-sufficiency in the area of ​​weapons possession and personal use of the component of the Colombian public order, and developed gradually to replace the import of this weapons.


It is made of polymers that make up 80% of its construction, the remaining 20% is made in steel of high fineness, used only in the moving parts and the barrel. Your provider is plastic type, common in the arms of current designs, offering a great advantage to significantly reduce their weight: a gun normally weighs 790 to 800 grams, while it has 740 grams of final weight, light being. Its frame is made ​​of polycarbonate, with its slide also made ​​of special steel of high purity. The first production will be 250 units, of which 150 would be for the police and 100 will target for the army, all of them as test models to verify the capabilities of it. The gun has the name "Cordova" in tribute to the Colombian independence hero José María Córdova


  • Colombia
  1. National Army of Colombia - 100 Units
  2. thumbs Colombia National Police - 150 units.

The production of 250 units would be the initial and the Ministry of Defence expected selling more units and export since 2014.

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