High Standard Manufacturing Company
Country of Origin

United States


Houston, Texas (US)


Carl Gustav Swebilius[1]

Year of Founding


Weapon Types


Famous Firearms

High Standard Model 10

Area(s) served

United States

The High Standard Manufacturing Company is an American based firearm manufacturer based in Houston, Texas. Originally founded by Carl Gustav Swebilius in 1926 in Hamden, Connecticut, High Standard currently produce a wide range of firearms, particularly focused on the target shooting market.[1]


In 1926 Carl Gustav Swebilius set up a tool making firm in Connecticut, supplying numerous gun manufactures in the nearby area.[1] The first firearms to be made by High Standard came after the purchase of the Hartford Arms and Equipment Company six years later.[1] This resulted in the High Standard .22 pistol, which remains a key product for the company to this day.[1]

The Second World War allowed High Standard to expand, with orders from the US Government for machine guns, parts and pistols for the US Army.[1] This meant that one of the most popular target pistols in the years following the war were those produced by High Standard (although this would change with the rise of Sturm, Ruger & Co. and the Ruger Standard). In this spirit, High Standard expanded to produce revolvers, rifles and shotguns, all in .22 calibre.[1]

High Standard proceeded to change ownership several times over the following decades. The first purchase was by Leisure Group in 1968 (placing High Standard with a group of other companies), although within ten years the company was sold to the company's president, Clem Confessore.[1] In that time, HIgh Standard relocated to East Hartford in Connecticut.[1]

Six years after Confessore's purchase, High Standard was sold to its national distributor, Gordon Elliott. [1] The company remained in his hands until it was sold (and reformed) to the High Standard Manufacturing Company Inc. whom moved the operation to Houston, Texas in 1993.[1] Despite this move, High Standard retained some of its Connecticut basis, with Elliot continuing in his role as national distributor.[1]

High Standard have remained in Houston since their most recent purchase, producing firearms from Houston since 1994.[1] The company's reputation as a sporting brand has been maintained throughout the years since the Second World War, with various American shooting teams using their weapons, identifying themselves as the "Choice of Champions".[1]


High Standard currently produce a range of pistols and rifles. This range includes their signature .22 LR pistols as well as custom firearms and AR-15 rifles.[2] The company also produces accessories and ammunition.[2]


.22 Long Rifle

  • Auto Mag II
  • "Bob Shea Series"
  • Olympic*
  • Olympic Trophy
  • Sport King
  • Supermatic Citation
  • Supermatic Tournament
  • Supermatic Trophy
  • The Duramatic "Plinker"
  • Victor

* The Olympic fires .22 SR rounds instead.

.45 calibre

  • Back Up (DAO)
  • Camp Perry Model
  • Compact Elite
  • G-Man Model
  • Supermatic Custom
  • United States Model 1911A1
  • United States Model 1911 Custom

.38 calibre

  • Back Up (DAO)*
  • Super Match
  • United States Model 1926A1

*Also produced in .40 and 9mm.



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