Country of origin



Heckler & Koch

Production began


Weapon type

Submachine gun

  • 9x19mm (UMP9)
  • .40 S&W (UMP40)
  • .45 ACP (UMP45)
  • Action

    Blowback, closed bolt

    Overall length

    690 millimeters, extended stock

    Barrel length

    200 millimeters


    UMP45, 2.3 kg, no mag; UMP40 and UMP9, 2.1 kg, no mag

    Magazine/Cylinder capacity

    UMP45, 25-rounds; UMP40/UMP9, 30-rounds

    Cyclic rate

    600 rounds per minute (UMP45), 650 RPM (UMP40 & UMP9)

    Maximum effective range

    100 meters

    The UMP (Universale Maschinenpistole, German for "Universal Submachine Gun") is a submachine gun developed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch.

    Design details

    The UMP is a blowback-operated select-fire submachine gun that fires from a closed bolt. It features a polymer stock that can be folded for compactness, a paddle-style magazine release and a handguard that is able to accept accessories such as vertical foregrips. The barrel is approximately 8 inches long, and there may be rails on top of the receiver to mount optics.

    The UMP45 has a cyclic rate of 600 RPM; the UMP40 and UMP9 have a cyclic rate 650 RPM. This was done to help counteract the effect of recoil when firing.

    The selector switch features three modes of fire: SAFE, SEMI, and AUTO.


    The USC (Universal Self-loading Carbine) is the Title 1 version of the UMP. It features a thumbhole grip instead of the UMP’s pistol grip and a longer barrel (16 inches). It is semi-automatic only.

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