The Heckler & Koch SLB 2000 Selbstladebüchse (Zelbst ladeh bookseh) is a semi automatic rifle introduced in 2000 by Heckler & Koch.


Some of the features that make the SLB 2000 so different include the modular design, which is consistent with the 'system' approach to so many Heckler & Koch firearms. This modular approach touts the ability to change the action and barrel to any of the available calibers without having to resight at the range.

One screw is reportedly all it takes to field strip the rifle. Another feature of the SLB 2000 is the ability to use the time tested HK05 scope mount that was popularized on the previous SL6 and SL7 series. The weapon has the ability to use detachable or internal 2, 5 or 10 shot magazines.



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