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Country of origin



Heckler & Koch

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



4.73×33mm caseless


Recoil operated breech system

Overall length

<900 mm


w/ 300 rounds, <7 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

300 rounds

Cyclic rate

<600 rpm

The G11 project was a project which included 4 weapons (G11, G11 LMG, G11 NBW and G11 SMG). The G11 Series was developed during the Cold War to replace the G3 battle rifle; this never came to fruition.


In 1990, H&K finished the development of the G11, intended for the Bundeswehr and other NATO partners. Although the weapon was a technical success, it never entered full production due to the political changes of German reunification and lack of procurement contract.[1]

Desired characteristicsEdit

  • Firing must be possible in all static and dynamic firing conditions.
  • Effective fire from ranges of 0-600 m.
  • Overall LMG weight without ammunition must be less than 5 kg.
  • Throw away type magazine desired, capacity 200 rounds.
  • Capable of long suppressive fire
  • No cook-off after firing a full magazine.
  • No spent brass cases left around leaving no evidence behind.
  • Operable by mounted and dismounted infantry.
  • Easy to handle, rapid to engage in all kinds of terrain.
  • High significance for firing on the move.
  • Sufficient firepower for suppressive fire.
  • High ammunition capacity, no need for reloading during longer combat sequences. Same caliber as the G11 rifle, 4.73 x 33 caseless.



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