Heckler & Koch


40mm Grenade


Recoil-operated blowback

Overall length

3.57 FT (1090mm)


63.49 lb (28.8 kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

32-round disintegrating closed link belt

Cyclic rate

350 RPM

Maximum effective range

.93 miles (1.5 kilometers) effective, 1.36 miles (2.2 kilometers) maximum

The GMG (Grenade Maschinen Gewer in German or Grenade Machine Gun in English) began as a private venture by Heckler & Koch around 1992 and began trials with the Bundeswehr (German Army) in 1995.

Technical DescriptionEdit

The GMG is an air cooled, belt fed, blowback operated grenade launcher fed from 32 linked round belts.

The feed on it uses NATO disintegrating belts from either side which can easily be set up and can be mounted on a special tripod or on the US M3 tripod through a proprietary softmount that includes spade grips and additional trigger, shoulder rod and sight mounts. Unlike theMK-19 it cannot fire fully automatic instead burst or single shot.

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