Country of origin



Hawk Engineering Co.

Weapon type

Grenade Launcher


40 mm


semi-automatic, spring-driven drum

Overall length

635 mm / 25"


5.7 kg / 12.5 lbs

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

12 round fixed drum

Cyclic rate

single shots

Maximum effective range

150 m point / 350 m area
165 yd point / 380 yd area

MM-1 grenade launcher had been made fairly popular by movies and computer games. However, it`s pretty formidable weapon on its own.

Featuring a 12 round drum, and semi-automatic action, MM-1 can offer a very significant amount of firepower in short time. Even though it`s relative rate of fire is certainly not machinegun-like, it can empty its whole drum in under half-minute. Considering that it fires standard issue 40 x 46mm grenades, this is pretty much close enough to fully automatic.

Among the problems of MM-1 the most notable would be problem of reloading. To perform reload, one has to disconnect the rear part of the gun, and swivel it up, exposing the drum, which is fixed, and replace the rounds one-by-one. Additionally, spring has to be wound up to allow for drum revolving.

This gun is probably connected to Manville gas guns, which used similar ways of working. Also, MM-1 is quite similar to South African Milkor MGL and Russian RG-6.


  • The MM-1 is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.