Several variants of the M16 and an M4. These are rifles, a type of gun.

The term "Gun" is used synonymously and interchangeablly with word “Firearm”.

Other meanings and terms

Within military usage, the term "gun" refers only to artillery that fires projectiles at high velocity, such as tank guns, or naval guns (naval guns are never referred to as cannons). A gunner is a member of the team charged with the task of operating and firing a gun. Thus, by military terms, mortars and all hand-held firearms (rifles ) are excluded from this definition.

The word "gun" is also applied to some more or less vaguely gun-like tools, such as staple guns and glue guns.

The etomology of the word "gun" is found in Middle English as "gonne", and seems to come from the Germanic woman's name Gunhild or Gundhild meaning "war sword". This Germanic name also applied to an early cannon.

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