Grot CH-9/25
Country of origin

Rhodesia, South Africa


Combat Arms Johannesburg

Weapon type

Submachine gun


9x19mm Parabellum



Overall length

705mm stock extended, 470mm stock folded

Barrel length


Magazine/Cylinder capacity

25-30 rounds

Cyclic rate


The Grot CH-9/25 is a submachine gun of Rhodesian origin. The receiver is a round section sealed with the back by a screwed stopper. The gun is contained on half its length in this carcass. The part before the tube comprises perforations acting as a cooler. The ATS arming lever is placed on the left,and is directed at a 45° angle upwards. The mobile cylinder head is cylindrical, and it is equipped with groove which allows correct operation even when very clogged. There are two springs recuperators, which have their own stem-guide. The pistol grip contains the mechanism of relaxation which comprises a relaxation with a double basin allowing the shooting to be blow by blow or gusts. The pistol grip comes with a safety grip. The stock is wire folding with the lower section of the weapon in position of transport, the shoulder plate integrates into the forward pistol grip. The bodies of aiming are consisted a protected handlebar and an eyepiece which acts as bolt for the back stopper. Two base plates welded onto the top section of the receiver allow the installation of a scope or a Single Point infra-red sight.


  • Soldier Of Fortune, May 86
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