The Franchi LF-57 is an Italian Submachine gun made by Luigi Franchi S.p.A. in 1956, it was their first and only attempt at entering the submachine gun market. Designed for the Italian armed forces, it was only adopted by the Italian navy in 1962. And even then, only in limited numbers. However, the gun did not disappear from the market until the late 1980s.

Design Edit

Franchi LF-57 submachine gun is blowback operated,full-automatic only weapon which fires from open bolt. The bolt is shaped like an inverted"L", with most of its mass being located above the barrel and in front of the breech face. The receiver, along with pistol grip and magazine housing,is made from two stamped steel halves, left and right. barrel is held at the front of receiver by a screw-on nut. There are no manual safeties on the gun,but an automatic safety is provided in the form of a large button, located below the trigger guard on the front of the pistol grip. The shoulder stock is made from thin steel tubing and folds forward and to the right. Sights are fixed.