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Hi there Gun Wiki users, Grunty89 here.

Whether you may or may not know this, I am planning to adopt this wiki, (click here for more info) as I have noticed that most of the admins in the wiki have not edited in a very long time, with the most recent being Smoke, who made a minor edit like three days ago, and other than that, has not really been editing.

Because of this, I feel the wiki needs a new leader (again, lack of active admins), and I feel like I am empowered to take on this role. I have recently been sprucing up the wiki with major bumps in content and updating certain articles which I feel are not up to par (like those copied Wikipedia content). Trust me, I'm not even 10% done; there's a lot of copied content.

I have had leadership experience before in a wiki, being Bureaucrat on a few and admin on others. If anybody is still active on this wiki, I would love to hear your opinion on the adoption. If you disagree, feel free to state your reasons.

This is Grunty89, signing off. Grunty89Just your friendly Science nerd. 13:59, May 8, 2015 (UTC)

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