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Country of origin



Fabrique Nationale

Production began


Weapon type

Grenade Launcher, Underbarrel


40x46 millimeter


Single shot

Weight empty

1.5 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

1 grenade

Cyclic rate

Single shot

Maximum effective range
  • 150 meters (point targets)
  • 400 meters (area targets)

The FN EGLM is an underslung 40mm grenade launcher module which compliments the FN SCAR weapon series, as well as the earlier FN 2000. The most notable feature of this grenade launcher is that, when mounted on a weapon, has its trigger located underneath the trigger of the assault rifle, and therefore negates the need to alter grip significantly. In this set-up the trigger can be operated by the middle finger of the firing hand, without moving it from the pistol grip of the rifle. It is a fully ambidextrous design and doesn't required to be cocked before each shot. This ambidexterity also includes a canting barrel to facilitate loading from either side of the weapon.

The FN EGLM can also be mounted on a stand alone frame with the simple change of its trigger pack module. This allows the launcher to be mounted, complete with sighting systems on a accessory-compatible frame. In this format, it is known as the Mk13 Grenade Launcher.

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