FB Radom/Łucznik Arms Factory
Country of Origin



Radom, Poland



Year of Founding


Owner(s)/Parent Company


Key People

Tomasz Nita

Weapon Types


Notable Products

MSBS Radon, kbs wz. 1996 Beryl

Area(s) served


FB Radom, also known as Łucznik Arms Factory, FB or Łucznik, is a Polish firearms manufacturing company.


The company was originally founded in 1922 for the Second Polish Republic to produce arms for Wojsko Polskie. In 1925, the main building, steel hardening shop, power plant, boiler room, woodshop, bath, and the workers’ houses were erected. On December 31, 1927, production was launched when an act signed by then Director of the plant, Kazimierz Ołdakowski. The plant was officially taken over from the local government to become part of Państwowe Wytwórnie Uzbrojenia. Ołdakowski insisted that his workers receive free health care, and arranged for child care services and regular leisure time, and built gymnasiums, theaters, gardens, and housings for his workers. It was under his directorship that the Vis pistol (pistolet wz. 35 Vis) was developed. The plant was operated by the Germans during World War II. After World War II, the factory was renamed to "Zakłady Metalowe im. gen. "Waltera" (General Walter's Metal Works)" and received the factory code number of 11. In order to prevent confusion with an earlier factory also with the factory code number of 11, the newer factory received a single circle around it to differentiate it. In 1990, the factory returned to its old name of "Zakłady Metalowe "Łucznik" (Metal Works "Łucznik")", and became a state-owned company. On 13 November 2000, the company declared bankruptcy, however, a company formed on 30 June that year, FB Radom, subsequently took over all arms production from Łucznik.