Evelyn Owen
Evelyn Ernest Owen


Date of Birth

May 15, 1915

Date of Death

April 1, 1949 (aged 33)

Famous Works

Owen gun

Evelyn Ernest "Evo" Owen (15 May 1915 – 1 April 1949) was an Australian who developed the Owen submachine gun which was used by the Australian Army in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.


Owen developed an early .22 LR prototype of the Owen gun in 1938, and got the gun to be tested; despite suggestions that the weapon should be upgraded to a larger caliber, he was informed that the Australian army would not have any interest in the weapon. Dismayed, he enlisted in the army in 1940; he was discharged a year later so he could produce the weapon. He received £10,000 in royalties for the weapons, which he used to establish a sawmill near Wollongong. After his production of the Owen, he continued to experiment with firearms. He died in 1949 from cardiac syncope.

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