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Eoka pistol!
Eoka pistol
Country of origin


Year(s) designed

Around the 1950s


Unknown, probably 20mm


"Manually-operated", hand struck

Barrel length

4.25 inches (10.8 centimeters)

Weight empty

0.5 pounds (0.227 kilograms)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Single shot

Cyclic rate


Used by


The Eoka pistol is a crudely made Cypriot pistol.


The pistol was made and used around the 1950s. The pistol as seen in the image belonged to a member of EOKA, an organization that fought for the end of British rule in Cyprus.

Design detailsEdit

The pistol is very crudely made; a spent 20mm cartridge serves as the barrel of the weapon. Wire wrapping secures the "barrel" to a roughly carved wooden pistol grip. The pistol lacks a trigger; firing the weapon requires the user to ignite the charge placed in the "barrel" via a hole cut into the top of the cartridge. As the weapon's "barrel" is just a spent 20mm cartridge, it has no rifling whatsoever; this makes the weapon have pathetic accuracy if it were ever fired.


  • The Eoka pistol is known for its appearance in the game Rust.

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