Enouy percussion revolver
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Joseph Enouy

Year(s) designed


Weapon type

Percussion revolver

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

6 rounds per cylinder/48 rounds in total

The Enouy percussion revolver was a unique revolver designed by Joseph Enouy of Middlesex, England.


This is a "transitional" percussion revolver with a large, rotating wheel attached to the underside of the gun. The wheel has eight spokes, each with a 6-chambered cylinder attached. The wheel rotates from a central pivot running from a bracket attached to the underside of the barrel and the butt. This design was patented by Joseph Enouy on June 14th, 1855, but there are no records of it ever being produced and sold commercially, and is most likely a one-of-a-kind piece.

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