The effective range (maximum effective range) of a weapon is the furthest distance an effective shot can be taken with reasonable certainty that it will hit. It is determined by a number of factors: type of cartridge fired, inherent precision of the weapon, and volume of fire delivered.

Point target/Area targetEdit

When referring to the maximum effective range, the terms "point target" and "area target" will often be heard. Point target refers to directing precision fire on one target - shooting directly at the target. Area target refers to delivering a volume of fire around the target, increasing the probability of a hit.

Effective range for machine gunsEdit

Defining the effective range of machine guns is different than it is with most other weapons; only the area target effective range matters, as they are fired only on full auto. As such, the maximum effective range of a machine gun is significantly farther than it would be with a rifle or any other weapon; sheer volume of fire guarantees a higher hit probability, and rifle cartridges carry more energy for longer distances than other cartridges.