EDM Arms Windrunner M96

EDM Arms Windrunner M96

The EDM Arms Windrunner is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, takedown sniper rifle created by American firearms designer Bill Ritchie. Several models are available: the M96 (chambered in .50 BMG or .510 DTC EUROP), the M98 (chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum), the XM (chambered in .408 Chey Tac) and the M12 (chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and .223 Remington). All models have no forearms, though several manufacturers, including Cheyenne Tactical and RND Manufacturing, produces forearms which can be fitted onto a Windrunner. [1] The biggest seller is the M96 in .50 BMG.

A modified version of the Windrunner is manufactured by Cheyenne Tactical as the CheyTac M200 Intervention. The smaller reciever version of the Windrunner, previously manufactured by EDM Arms as the Mini-Windrunner, is currently manufactured by Nemesis Arms as the Vanquish. [2]

To date, the Windrunner has seen military service in Afghanistan and Iraq. [3] [4]


  • A Windrunner M96 appeared in the American TV series Nikita, used by Michael during season 2 in the seventh episode 'Clawback'.
  • In the 2012 film Assassin's Bullet, a Windrunner M96 was used by Vicky.
  • A fictional model of the Windrunner, the EDM Arms Windrunner XM-109A (this model does not exist in real life), is the featured tactical rifle in Tom Clancy's futuristic novel Net Force: Point Of Impact. The XM-109A is chambered in .50 BMG and is very accurate, capable of producing 0.5 inch groups out to 1000 meters (1093.61 yards). The rifle is in prototype stage and only two were produced. The XM-109A is used mainly by John Howard, most notably during the sniper duel scene.


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