Dynamit Nobel MATADOR
Country of origin

Collaboration between Israel, Germany and Singapore


Dynamit Nobel Defence


ST Kinetics
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
Defence Science and Technology Agency

Year(s) designed


Production began



90mm warhead

Overall length

39.4 inches (100 centimetres)


19.62 pounds (8.90 kilograms)

Effective range

500 metres (1,600 feet; 550 yards)

The MATADOR (Man-Portable Anti-Tank Anti-Door) is a Israeli-Singaporean anti-tank rocket launcher.


Developed in 1999, the MATADOR is said to be an update to the older Armbrust rocket launcher. In fact, the MATADOR is slowly replacing the Armbrust in countries currently using it. The weapon was developed jointly by a few countries; Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency and the Singaporean Defense Force, Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Germany's Dynamit Nobel Defense.

Design DetailsEdit

Designed to be lighter than most of the weapons of its type, the MATADOR is effective against both armor and brick walls. It is claimed to be able to defeat the armor of most modern light tanks and armored personnel carriers. Similar to the Ambrust it is based on and the Wasp 58, the MATADOR has a countermass system which ejects small pieces of shredded plastic which are quickly slowed by air resistance out the rear of the weapon when firing to counter the recoil. Due to this, the weapon can be safely fired in close quarters.


The MATADOR's warhead is a 90mm shaped warhead with a tandem charge with two modes; a HEAT mode and a HESH/HEP mode. Selection between modes is done by grabbing the long probe at the end of the missile and either extending it for HEAT mode or leaving it retracted for HESH/HEP mode. The warhead comes equipped with a delay mode, which helps to break through brick walls first and then act as an anti-personnel weapon to seriously injure or kill those behind the wall.


MATADOR-MP (Multi-Purpose)

Multi-purpose variant effective against a variety of ground targets.

MATADOR-WB (Wall Breaching)

Specialized variant used for breaching walls.

MATADOR-AS (Anti-Structure)

Anti-structure variant with a specialized warhead used for destroying built-up structures. The warhead also has two modes; anti-structure, which is used for destroying structures and fortifications, and penetrating/mouse-holing, used for destroying lightly armored vehicles and creating mouseholes in urban walls.